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SPVC International Co. Ltd


SPVC International Co., Ltd. is a leading professional of engineering plastics in Thailand. With our many years of experience and practice, we ensure that our customers receive the utmost satisfaction by focusing on integrity, trust, and fair pricing. SPVC is a direct distributor of many trusted brands of industrial plastics. We offer a variety of high-quality engineering plastic products for your needs, including sheets, piping, solid rods, welding rods, made with specialty plastic materials such as PP, PVC, PE, PVDF, CPVC, UPVC, POM, and many others. With our wide range of products, SPVC provides professional consultation on the applications of our engineering plastics.

Our Products

SPVC International is a direct distributor of high-quality plastics from a variety of countries and brands

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Plastic sheets produced from materials such as PP, PVC, PE, PVDF, etc. in a variety of sizes and thickness.


Plastic welding rods produced from materials such as PP, PVC, PE, etc. in a variety of shapes, such as round, triangular, etc.


High-quality plastic solid rods produced from materials such as PP, PVC, PE, PVDF, etc. in a variety of diameters (6 - 500 mm) and lengths (max. 2000 mm).


Plastics for decorative uses such as PET-G, ABS, HIPS, Plaswood (PVC Foam), Acrylic (PMMA), in a variety of colors, shades, thickness, and translucence.


Plastic pipes produced from materials such as PP, PVC, PE, etc. Qualified by industrial standards, such as Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), and Schedule 40/Schedule 80 standards.


Plastic cutting boards for household and industrial uses in many custom sizes, produced from food-grade materials such as PP and PE for a variety of uses.


Plastics for use in the medical industry, such as prosthetics, orthopedics, and casts, etc. produced using special methods such as vacuum forming.


Commissioned or custom plastic solutions for your specific needs. We are able to machine and produce solutions using CNC/CAD according to your design or designs by our team.


Procurement services for specialty plastic products, tools, and machines. We also offer consultation for the applications of our products by experienced individuals.

Our Services

Our Services

Distributor of Engineering Plastics

SPVC is a distributor of plastic products, such as sheets, solid rods, chemical-resistant pipes, cutting boards, and many others. We offer high-quality brands such as SIMONA, MITSUBISHI, PLASWELL, LEAVONA, POLIGON, TEKNICA.

Cutting Services for Plastics

SPVC offers cutting services for our sheets, rods, and pipes. Cutting services can be defined by your custom needs and sizing. We ensure high precision and quality in our cutting services.

Custom Built Plastic Solutions

SPVC offers services for building and assembling industrial tanks for chemical storage, plastic welding, fume hoods, and ducting. Our team of experts are proud to work to your specifications and designs.

Plastic Parts

SPVC is able to machine custom plastic parts for specific usages, such as plastic gears, fittings, and CAD/CNC plastic parts to fit your needs.

Consultation on Applications and

Our team is proud to offer consultation and designing services in order to best recommend plastic solutions for your needs, ensuring that you receive the utmost satisfaction.

Procurement Services for Specialty Plastics

SPVC offers procurement services for rare and specialty plastic products which may not be listed in our product lists, such as Anti-static PVC sheets, or PVDF. We are also able to recommend specific high-performance materials to fit your needs.



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